Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Handset Available, New Market Details

image The first Android handset available to consumers, the Google designed, HTC built, T-Mobile branded G1 is now available for purchase. Get it while you can to test your apps on real hardware.

As part of the launch, Android Market is now available to consumers. Although it’s still in beta, this will allow developers, such as yourself, to distribute applications to consumers. In order to do this, we have learned today that on Monday, Oct 27th, developers will be allowed to register and authenticate themselves for $25. After that, applications can be made available on Android Market without further hurdles. However, only free applications can be provided for the time being.

We have learned that distribution for paid applications will be available early in 2009. Developers will retain 70% of the revenue generated by their applications. Carriers and billing handlers will retain the rest. In a surprising move, Google will not take any percentage. The details, though, don’t explain who gets the $25 registration fee.

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