Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Android Source Code Released

image Fulfilling the true open nature of Android, the full source code has been released today on the eve of the first Android hardware shipping tomorrow. Although this is not directly useful to application developers, having the underlying platform source code can help debug issues as well as reveal if an issue is with the platform or not. As with most open source projects, the community can be extremely helpful in debugging, providing ideas, and adding new features.

The open source project website for Android contains a number of useful pieces of information. There is a roadmap that can be used for planning purposes so developers will know when certain features are planned for the platform. For instance, we’ve learned the next next language planned for localization is German.

You can download all 2.1GB of the source code. Additionally, if you have Ubuntu (6.06 or later) Linux or Mac OSX, you can compile the source code if you have any additional 6GB of space available. There are a number of other dependencies, too, such as Git for source control and a variety of typical Java and developer packages. Surprisingly, Windows is not supported yet.

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