Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kindle Fire: ADB Connections and USB Debugging

Amazon Appstore on Kindle
Amazon's Kindle Fire is looking to be one of the hottest non-Google Mobile Services Android devices to date.  If you've got one, you may have quickly noted that you can't necessarily immediately connect it up via ADB. A quick search returns all kinds of various solutions.

Turns out, Amazon also documents the solution. In fact, they have entire section in their developer FAQ on the Kindle Fire. The linked PDF, Connecting Your Kindle Fire To ADB, has all of the steps necessary and a linked driver will help Windows 7 users.

If you already had your application on Amazon's Appstore and it works on Kindle Fire, users are probably already downloading it. 


NiknJen said...

Sorry to hijack this thread, but is there a place to ask questions about code in your book?

Shane Conder said...

Hi Nick,

The best way is to email us, especially since it's about code. If it relates to one of the other posts on this blog, feel free to just add a question there. Usually if it's a general issue, we'll try to turn it into a blog post, anyway, to help others.