Monday, July 4, 2011

Win a Copy of Our Advanced Android Book!

There's still time! You've got until July 8th to enter to win a copy of our advanced Android development book over at the Android Police website! Just post a comment about an app idea you've got and you'll get a chance to win one of five copies of Android Wireless Application Development, Second Edition!

We look forward to reading your comments and good luck!

(Note: This particular contest appears to available to anyone in the world!)

This book is our most recent in the Developer's Library series and is more advanced than our upcoming title, Sam's Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours, Second Edition.


StErMi said...

Always US only?

Shane Conder said...

According to Android Police, this one is available to the world. Have at it!

Josh said...

Great book. Any chance there are ppt/pdf slides available?

Shane Conder said...

Hi Josh,

The book is available in ebook format from B&N (nook), Amazon (kindle), and directly from the publisher.

The last is DRM free, but watermarked.

It might be available through other retailers.

These are slides, but rather the full book.

mosky7 said...

is the printed book with colored images?
because i bought the greek version of the book and it's printed in black tone. i contacted with the greek editorial house to complain and they told me that the english book is also in black tone..
but i saw the preview pages in amazon and they are colored.. they said they dont know why amazon has colored pages of the book..

Shane Conder said...

Hi Mosky,

Android Wireless Application Development (both current editions, and the next edition) are black print.

See, we do all of our screen shots and figures in color. We recognize that color print is expensive, but color in PDF files is free. What we did is asked the publisher to not strip the color for the ebook version.

And they agreed. So the ebook versions should have full color figures. And, apparently, so does the Amazon preview.

The Sam's books (both editions) are full color in print and ebook format. This also includes code coloring. We don't do code coloring for the AWAD books.

Hope that helps!