Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Win a Copy of Android Wireless Application Development, Second Edition

Android Wireless Application Development (2nd Edition) (Developer's Library)Mobiletuts+ is giving away five free autographed copies of Android Wireless Application Development, Second Edition. Find out how to enter to win one of them over on Mobiletuts+.

This book is our most recent in the Developer's Library series and is more advanced than our upcoming title, Sam's Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours, Second Edition.

(Note: This is only available to US residents, where allowed by law.)


StErMi said...

I tryed and it says that it's for US only...

Shane Conder said...

Good point. I'll add that to my post, too.

Robustus said...

Hi, I am reading your "Teach your self Android in 24 hours" book.

The book is great except I found that the sample code in Chapter 11 crashes. It seems that something wrong with the DatePickerDialog.

It drives me crazy for hours. I have searched the internet but found no answer.

Could you please please check that and help me?


Shane Conder said...

That is a new issue. I just looked and I thought I'd posted the change, but apparently haven't. Basically, the initialization is done with 0's (Zeros) but actually needs to be done with positive values (done easily enough with the current date using the Calendar object).

If you need more help, email us directly.

Hesam said...

Hi, Thank you for your grate book. I bought first edition of this book some months ago. I saw Second edition of this book in a book store in Malaysia. But that was expensive ;D

The best chapters of this book (first edition), in my opinion, were chapters 18 and 19. If it's possible expand these chapters in future editions.

Warm Regards and Thanks again, I love this book