Friday, September 17, 2010

Building an Android Application: Book Excerpt

Sometimes publishers allow sites to publish entire chapters of books. ComputerWorld recently published a complete chapter from Sam's Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours. We think this is a particularly good excerpt, too, as it has broad topic coverage.

This excerpt, from Hour 3, covers topics from application design to resources to Android Activities. And then it goes on, and covering Activity lifecycle and even Intents and various things you can do with them as a developer. You even get information about debug logging. It's not just a preview of Hour 3, it's nearly the whole chapter.

Check it out at ComputerWorld!

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mwk said...

I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask such questions, but I wonder if I could as for some help / guidance?
I have read through this book when stuck on a long return flight and loved it. It's really well written and so so useful.
Now I'm back and at my PC I'm working through stuff and following everything clearly, until I got to a cetain Exercise on Chapter 8 about changing the ArrayAdapter to a custom Adapter.
I'll be honest, I got totatlly and utterly lost. I've googled around this and got so many demos that, if I'm honest, take me well outside my Java comfort zone (average at best) and I'm sure are more complex than it needs to be.
I got downhearted from following everything and understanding it all completely one minute, to being completely lost the next minute :(
I wonder if you could direct or guide me to any examples you may have, or recomend, that can perhaps explain this to me in a semi-novice way.
Thanks so much, and again, congratulations on the book. It's just when I step beyond it I get lost :)
Martin Keywood.