Thursday, December 3, 2009

Android SDK API Level 6!

Congratulations to the Android SDK for leveling once again! (I can't help but think of gaming when the API Level is mentioned.) We're now at Level 6, which corresponds to Android 2.0.1, Release 1.

The SDK Tools have been updated, as well, to Release 4, which now requires the updated Eclipse plug-in 0.9.5.

Many handsets still have Android 1.6 and, if rumors are to be believed, will remain so. Thus, Android 1.6, Release 2, is now available to resolve some platform issues. It also requires SDK Tools, Release 4. Curiously, though, it has not "leveled up." Will this be an issue? How will applications and developers know if their Android 1.6 has defects found in Release 1 or not?
Get it all* now while it's hot! :)

*If I'm counting correctly, that's four new things:
  • Android 2.0.1, Release 1, SDK
  • Android 1.6, Release 2, SDK
  • SDK Tools, Release 4
  • Eclipse ADT Plug-in 0.9.5

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