Sunday, November 1, 2009

Android 2.0 & Droidcon!

It seems like we were justing about Android 1.6. Oh, wait, we were! Well, we have to admit: Android 2.0 is a little underwhelming from the developer point of view. It seems more like Android 1.7. Still, it's great progress and items like the account manager for using multiple accounts across the handset will be great for users and developers alike.

One item we liked, especially since we're on the road this month attending conferences and checking out the Android phones available in Europe, is the built-in update abilities that simply add support for Android 2.0 instead of require a completely new installation and configuration. All we had to do was run the SDK and AVK manager, update to the latest and run the Eclipse updates to get the newest plugin and we were good to go with 2.0!

On code we've tested, we haven't noticed any new issues with 2.0. However, if you run across any issues with our book code, please let us know! Once we've returned from our travels, we'll do a more thorough evaluation--with one of the new Android 2.0 handsets.

We're on the road? That's right! We're just days away from Droidcon in Berlin! See you there!

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