Monday, February 9, 2009

Android 1.1 in Distribution

If you follow gadget blogs, you've probably seen that Android 1.1 is heading out to T-Mobile G1 handsets. Until today, though, you may have wondered if this affects you or not. Well, it might.

The Android 1.1 SDK Release 1 is a now available from Google. All Android 1.0 SDK applications will function without change on 1.0, according to Google. However, if you want to begin using the new APIs introduced in Android SDK 1.1, you'll need to download it and begin using it.

The Android 1.1 firmware is being pushed out to all G1 users. According to T-Mobile, everyone with a G1 should have received the update notification within a week or two. This means that if you're developing an application that could benefit from the SDK changes, it probably is reasonable to require the upgrade.

As for changes in the new firmware and SDK, they include some bug fixes and a few new features. Many of the features are in built-in applications, but there are a few for developers:
  • Can now determine user ID programmatically for app
  • Can now get padding for a View, useful for implementing new ones
  • Support for Marquee in TextView
  • Can now broadcast SMS and WAP PUSH via new permissions

Download the new SDK here.

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